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Monthly Schedule by Employee
Scheduling is a visual task. Trying to manage complex schedules without schedule views that match how you work is difficult and time consuming. ScheduleForce allows you to configure multiple schedule views to match how administrators, schedulers and employees are used to looking at the schedule. employee monthly schedule

Hourly Schedule (Vertical)
ScheduleForce allows you to configure detailed activities within a scheduled shift, to accurately plan an employee's time at work. These activities within the day can be used to schedule breaks, changes in rates of pay, positions, job classifications, accounts and much more.
Vertical Hourly View

Hourly Schedule (Horizontal)
If a detailed view by hour (down to a 5 minute increment if required) can be viewed Vertically (as above) or Horizontally (below). All Schedule views allow individual users to control the colors, sizing, labeling, sorting and filtering in saved profiles so they can quickly access and work on schedules that are familiar.
Horizontal Hourly View

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