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  • Reduces the amount of time and effort required to produce schedules
  • Reduces time required to locate candidates to fill open shifts
  • Improves communication between scheduling staff and field staff through paging and email
  • Reduces time required to determine where staff are within their rotation
  • Saves person-hours that can be re-allocated to other important tasks
  • Optimizes schedule staffing by permitting only available qualified staff to be scheduled
  • Increases the level of control and flexibility over scheduling
  • Prevents labor contract violations and potential grievances
  • Improves staff morale by instituting fair and consistent scheduling practices
  • Provides management with accurate and customized information regarding scheduling, staff qualifications and availability, software security, scheduling exceptions or violations, and schedules
  • Saves costs by prevention of rule violations by staff accepting shifts that would break contract rules
  • Eliminates the possibility of double-bookings occurring as staff cannot be double scheduled
  • Stream-lines the submission, tracking and use of staff availability
  • Eliminate scheduling errors through tracking of employee skills and certifications
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